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As I say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016, I want to share my family snapshot.We are in true form- hurried, unorganized and real. I love this image because my family was together, enjoying each other, laughing and having fun. We were ready to take off and I demanded we stand together for this quick shot, before we went our separate ways. The hotel working humored me and took this. Is it good photography? Absolutely not! But, it does capture the memory of a very sweet day for the Lysne family. I will treasure it and it will make me smile for years to come.

I do have a 2016 New Years Resolution  * Have a Professional Family Portrait taken!*

My favorite snapshot of 2015

My favorite snapshot of 2015

There, it’s in writing, I’ve made the commitment.

I’ll keep you posted.

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother who also is a professional photographer. Last week on my vacation, I learned a very valuable lesson. We had 13 beautiful important people at the lake and I had very good intentions of doing a family portrait. In my mind, it was a creative, inspirational, award winning photograph. Well, it never happened:(  Nope, not even I could get a group of my own people to all be together in the same spot and dressed appropriately. I left the timing to chance and was disappointed.

My solution is “hire a professional”, it brings everything to a different level. People have a different attitude. It all becomes a much more coordinated effort when the professional becomes involved. There is  a time, place, what to wear, seriousness about it. Let the professionals do there job. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I left it to chance- How crazy was that!

I repeat, Hire a Professional!

Learning every day,



I’ve been wanting to do this blogging thing for a while- where to start? What to say? Questions that keep me from diving in. Well, today is the day. No more procrastination. Hello blogosphere  I’m here:)

I love the photography industry, my husband and I have been at it for a long time and seen TONS of changes. Through it all we have enjoyed our clients and been there to photograph life’s special occasions .  Being able to have a job that lets you  capture moments in time and hold them for the future to enjoy is such a blessing.

Yesterday we photographed two seniors that we have known sense they were young- we have watched them grow up and photographed them along their journey. It just makes us smile- We love it. Our customers are friends and we enjoy them. What a great job we have!

I just wanted to share that with you, because I think it’s a good place to start this blog. I’ve read that I should introduce myself and tell people about me- well  Behl’s Photography is a mom and pop studio that just loves what we do. That’s it, it’s that simple.  Hello.

Cecilia (and Bruce)

Behl's Photography | Grand Forks, ND